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The ideal package for the gentleman who likes to meet in an open setting to start with and let his eyes do the caressing, knowing whats to follow, slowly letting the anticipation build and build and then leave  with the most beautiful girl in the room.....

* A 2 hour escort date of which one hour is to be spent in public.


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Enjoy getting to know your high-class escort of your choice in a romantic setting in one of Australias many wonderful restaurants before indulging in two hours of private time in your hotel room or apartment.

*A 4-hour escort date of which one hour is spent dining in public.


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The couples intimacy package is the perfect gift for couples who wish to experience a threesome with a beautiful and truly by sexual escort. Share a drink to get to know one another, followed by an intimate time in your private Chambers. To make the Intimate moments more memorable the high-class escort of your choice will bring a sensual surprise package.

*The couples intimacy package is a 2 hour escort date. 


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Imagine yourself dancing with the most beautiful woman in the night club, or enjoy a cocktail in that hip lounge bar in the presence of the lady who outshines or others. The drinks and dancing package is your opportunity to do exactly that. Enjoy the night life in the company of a beautiful escort followed by intimate moments in private.

* The drinks and dancing package is a six hour escort date of which three hours are to be spent in public.


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Give into temptation and be seduced by two sensual escorts simultaneously. Perhaps the most popular fantasy a gentleman can have. The Ménage a trois Will satisfy all your senses, for they will be two pairs of eyes, hands, lips and more....

*A 1 or 2 hour escort date with two escorts of your choice.


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Wake up in the arms of the beautiful escort, after having enjoyed a romantic evening and intimate night. The bed-and-breakfast package is the ideal package for you to take your time together, and be able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast after having spent the night.

*The bed and breakfast package is a 16 hour escort date.


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In addition to the packages, our VIP ladies also have their own hourly rates starting from $600 per hour and upwards, depending on who you choose.

Flights will be on top of the prices. 

Payments are either in cash or direct debit to our bank account and wire transfers.

Other payment methods coming soon.